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IFX Hosting / IFXBackup Support

If you are experiencing connection problems with a hosted domain, email or other service please visit our Server Monitor (You will need to log in) page first. This will notify you of any services that are currently down and rules out problems in your local area. If the server your domain is hosted on is green across the board, your first actions should be to check your connection locally and call your ISP to see what the problem is.

We would like to say that problems NEVER occur, but sometimes hardware or data center problems unfortunately arise. In the event that you are having problems, IFX strives to provide its customers with support as quickly as possible. In order to do this we ask that you please follow these steps to get your problem resolved as quickly as possible:

  • Check out the user forums first before submitting a ticket as the answer to your questions might be there. If an emergency arises or a known problem exist we will post in the forum as soon as possible so that our customers know that we are aware of the situation and are moving to correct it.

  • After doing the above you may open a Support Ticket using our Help Center (You will need to log in). By doing this you will provide both yourself and IlluminationsFX with an orderly way to track support requests and get your problem resolved as quickly as possible. Please allow time for support tickets to be replied to. Sometimes the situation might warrant our full attention at the time and tickets may go unanswered for no more than 24-hours. Keep in mind that although your ticket hasn't been responded to, if it is a server wide problem, we are moving as quickly as possible to correct the issue.




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